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I think I say this every month but do yourself a favor and read #saga its probably the best comic going right now. #image #comics

And the winner of the least appetizing food product name goes too….


In case everyone didn’t know.  its official  Tony Lombardo will be playing all of Milo Goes To College with us this weekend! 

and Yes Karl will still be there, he will take over after the Milo Goes To College set to play the rest of the tunes.  

Anyone wanna go to Chicago this weekend?

Dude that’s my picture! Awesome show last night! #coheed #neverender #iksse3


Best show of my life. Met so many people, such a good set, and pancakes post show. #omfg #coheed #iksse3

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Acoustic jam. #coheed #neverender

Coheed and Cambria! #coheed #iksse3 #neverender

Bloodsport has some of the best montage’s of any movie, here’s JCVD during the “I feel bad for my friend/I might die tomorrow/inner reflection” montage near the end of the movie. #bloodsport #ifighttosurvive

Never been to a mid week mid day game! #itfdb #dodgers LETS GO DODGERS!

Adventures in the sunken city!