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The sun’s rays are insignificant next to the power of the force. #starwars

The Ramones doing what they did best. #Ramones #punk #wallofwax

This is gonna be a fun weekend. #bluelabel

#7seconds at the glass house! Nothing quite like a mosh pitvto get the blood pumping #punk #hardcore #youngtillidie

I’m pretty sure I got this gift card back when I looked like that. Anyone need to pay off a late fee? #tbt

BMO wash! #adventuretime #bmo


Beastie Boys

I went to get a loan and they asked my race,
I wrote down human inside the space,
It’s a disgrace how they try to debase,
It ain’t the banks damn business how my lineage trace

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Its time for dodger baseball! #goblue #dodgers

Good hike this morning.

Good advice from the #tmnt art show at iam8bit