Who's the bigger fool? The Fool or the Fool who follows him?
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My view from behind the kit.

Never heard my kit from the other side! Go Banditos!

This is what happens when I have to sit through 3 hours of presentations on Latin American history. I give you, ¬°Chicano Batman!

So a while back I told myself that some day I would buy and frame the albums that really meant a lot to me. I have begun and my only rule is that I have to find the album in the wild. NO ONLINE ORDERING! It may take years but I’m OK with that. Let the hunt begin. #nofx #opivy #wallofwax

Last BMO pic of the day, this one with my lovely lady! Yay babe thanks for an awesome birthday!

BMO says hi from Santa Barbara! #bmo #adventuretime

Bmo loves burrito #adventuretime


Ghost Rider #1 Young Variant 

I love this

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Hell toys at Marshall’s. What a savings! #nightmarefuel #spellcheck

I guess Marshalls gets old toys from hell and sells them to us mortals at a discount. #nightmarefule